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Beaumont Continuity Management


Sometimes you just need to ask.


Your own BCM team may need temporary specialist assistance or resources to cover illness, absence, maternity or to implement a large BC project.


Our team can assist in all of these areas, we have experience of leading entire BC teams in global organisations, to advising small businesses on how to plan for power failure. We've even delivered global BCM software projects for major global brands.


We have the know-how, contacts and experience to help. So talk to us today about what we can do for you...

Business Continuity Management. Delivered.


Adverse weather, burst pipes, fire, supply chain failure, telecomms or power supply faults. Have you thought about how these - & many other risks - might affect your organisation or business?


We'll show you how to plan for these pragmatically and appropriately, without jargon or extra unnecessary expense.


Our team are experts in BCM, Incident & Risk Management, qualified to advise and guide you. Call us today!

Need advice or guidance?

Business Continuity. Delivered.

- Business Continuity Management Solutions and Advice

- Short/Long Term Interim Management and Contractor resources

- Design through to Delivery of BCM programmes

- Training, Testing, Exercising, Risk Management, Certification


When was the last time you tested your BC Plans? Your car gets an MOT, but does your back up plan? Do your staff get properly trained in what to do should the worst happen?


Our team can review your current BC plans, train your staff and exercise your response & recovery strategy - to ensure that when you need it most  - it will work.

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Dean Beaumont (and indeed his wider team) did an effective job of getting us on the road towards effective Business Continuity Management


Reliable and trustworthy and can be relied upon to deliver. Management style is ideal for the collaborative work undertaken as they recognise individuals their skills and needs. A pleasure to work and collaborate with


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